Learn These Basic Rules of Seller Disclosure So You Don’t Get Sued

by H&H Real Estate Media in Blog.

Seller disclosure is a tricky maze to navigate. If you’ve recently decided to put your home on the market, you might feel hesitant to reveal problems (minor though they might be) which could discourage potential buyers. But not revealing them could get you in a world of legal trouble. Learn These Basic Rules of Seller Disclosure So how much do…

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2015 was a Great year for Central Florida Real Estate

by Alan Bloom in Blog.

Orlando Housing Market ends up 2015 with a 15 percent increase in annual sales; 9 percent increase in median price. Orlando’s 2015 median price ($178,788) finished a healthy 9.02 percent higher than the 2014 annual median price ($164,000), thanks to a full 12 months of year-over-year price increases. Sales for 2015 finished 15.46 percent above…

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